Exposing Speechelo Pricing Funnel Trap – Critical Honest Review

I’ve written a critical honest review on Speechelo. If you are desperate to buy this product, please don’t read further, because you may change your mind when I enlighten you about their business process. If you wish to be an informed consumer, please be patient while I try to keep it SIMPLE.

Buzz is everywhere, ‘Speechelo’. It’s not pleasant at all times. Advertised as a one-time price software, it starts digging holes in your wallet with upgrades. One should have good knowledge on sales funnel to understand the business tricks of Speechelo. If you are not aware about sales funnel, here it is –

A sales funnel is a series of landing pages that are intentionally crafted to make sales or get leads. Each page in a sales funnel is meant to drive a visitor to the next page, with the end goal being conversion.

If you want to learn more about the sales funnel, please do Google.

The place where you land on their website is called the front-end(FE) offer. This front-end offer is a big trap, where the customers are lured with offers, bonuses, and promises for a little cost. It’s actually a bait. The promises are tricky like – ‘One-time payment’ and ‘no monthly fees. And, at some places like testimonial screenshots and at other sections, you could see ‘Lifetime deal‘ for a product that costs $47, $37, and $27. You may wonder three costs for a same product, it’s not unusual among businesses. During holiday seasons and festival offer time, they shoot up the product price to $47 and gives you a $20 coupon, ‘Founders Offer’ at most times. The final price comes to $27 and the sales rocket to the sky. I don’t complain about this practice. 

Getting back on track, you are convinced and buy the product for $X7 USD (a numerical replaced with X to make it relative with the time, it can be $27, $37, $47, or even more, it all depends upon the coupon weight). When you complete the purchase, you’ll land on a ‘PRO upgrade’ page, where you’ll be asked to spend more for premium voices. The shocker is that when you realize that your very recent purchase was for standard ordinary robot voices

You are in the second level of the funnel, where Speechelo makes a big buck out of your wallet. Your earlier purchase, which doesn’t have premium voices, was a lifetime deal. But, this Pro upgrade wasn’t the same. It’s a recurring payment, you can choose the frequency either monthly or quarterly. If you choose a quarterly payment, it’s going to be $47 USD, which makes $188 USD annually and $940 USD for 5 years. 

Now comes the big, biggest, and biggest shocker that Speechelo is truly NOT unlimited. They have hidden restrictions, which you don’t find on the sales page, but try their terms & conditions page for a surprise. It goes as follows – 

Characters Used – Fair Use Policy
Your STANDARD license can generate up to 500.000 characters per month. If you own the PRO version, the limit is 700.000 characters per month. This is a fair use and if you use more characters than these, then your account will be limited until days pass since you used all the characters.

– Excerpt from Speechelo’s terms and conditions web page.

After fed up with their recurring payment service, I searched for alternative service providers for weeks, who can be reliable and affordable. Finally, I found one and bought it last quarter, so far so good. But I want to test few aspects before recommending to my readers.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have any good alternative to Speechelo that really works, lemme know. ciao!


AvatarBuilder Review & Demo | Best Avatar Video Animation App

AvatarBuilder is a No-Brainer Video animation app from the most trusted software creator in the IM world, Paul Ponna. All his previous video software like VideoRobot, VideoPal, VideoBuilder, and DoodleMaker are used by more than millions of people worldwide. This time, he has a unique and stacked video creation feature with an industry-leading video creation feature in a package called AvatarBuilder.

What is AvatarBuilder?

AvatarBuilder is a fusion of 3D Animation, artificial intelligence, and multilingual video technologies into one groundbreaking video app. Simply the future of video is here. I’ve used the demo copy of this software and taken by surprise with the features it offers for a one-time cost of $67. Yeah, you’re correct, no monthly subscription. It means you don’t have to add your credit card for recurring payments. You can make a one-time payment using your credit card or Paypal.

Can I create a converting video in three steps with AvatarBuilder?

Yes. You can create a converting video by selecting a sizzling hot video template, Customizing, and exporting it in three steps. Simple!

Step 1: Select a sizzling hot video template

AvatarBuilder comes with hundreds of Done-For-You video templates. I go with templates for my videos. Building from scratch doesn’t work for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Even mid-level enterprises don’t want to waste their time building social media videos, which have to be published daily, from scratch.

It tells us the importance of template stock and our time. The time saved is money earned. So I want my readers to be cautious while buying video creator applications, keep templates on the checklist. AvatarBuilder saves hours and creates video faster.

Step 2: Customize the selected video template

As the name suggests, you can create your own 3D avatar for any marketing goal to convey your message to your audience, reflecting your brand. The customization of avatars is easier and gives you complete control.
You can change the colors and look of clothing, skin, hair, accessories. Building a perfect 3D avatar spokesperson for your brand comes in handy by picking props like eyeglasses, watches, shoes, vests for your avatars.

AvatarBuilder uses an artificial intelligence engine to create a smart scene. It automatically converts any text into a stunning video with machine learning AI. I tried creating a video by giving three paragraphs of text input, and it worked like a charm. Choosing between text effects, animations, and adding voice-overs wasn’t a big task with AvatarBuilder because of their text-to-speech technology.

The text-to-speech has become a basic feature in their products recently, but it has evolved in AvatarBuilder with more characters and clarity. I could see more local languages, which would help one to go global.

Step 3: Save and export the video

Personalize the templates as you like with your own text effects, fonts, animations, watermarks, backgrounds, and voiceovers for endless possibilities. After customizing, save, and export it.

Pixar & Disney Style Talking Avatars

The product owner claims to have captivating Pixar and Disney style talking 3D Avatars. After seeing the options and variety of 3D avatar spokespersons representing different age groups, ethnicities, professions, and backgrounds to deliver your message to the masses, I accept their claim. Avatars are simple, elegant, and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video.

Logo Mapping Technology

In my early days, I spent hundreds of dollars on Fiverr and paid freelancers to design logos for my brands. Now, it has become cheaper and a feature with AvatarBuilder. The revolutionary logo mapping technology is another gem in the basket.

You can brand the 3D avatars with your own logos to boost trust, credibility, and sales. Unlike other apps, the logo you upload becomes part of the avatar and flexes with the avatar’s movements for a more like-like effect than ever.

Multilingual video Technology

AvatarBuilder makes it easier to create videos in any language. It gives your unlimited access to multilingual technologies to convert global audiences and reach 10X more customers. With a single click, you perfectly lip-sync any voice with the 3D avatars and get them to speak in any language.

Make your videos more engaging than ever and attract more customers without the need for expensive voice artists or language translation experts.

Turn Pro with Avatar Builder

Yes, you can become a pro with AvatarBuilder without editing, design skill, or technical experience. Not a secret, I manage more than ten YouTube channels. So, it is obvious, I’ve tried my hands on tens of video creator applications. Paul Ponna’s video apps are always worth the money I spent to acquire, and output quality is brilliant. AvatarBuilder is a similar kind of product that impressed me on the first try itself. Highly recommended!

Exclusive Bonus #1 –
Ecom Video Maker – Commercial License ($497 Value)

Use this powerful video maker app to create “conversion tested” ecommerce videos using ready-made video templates that are designed to get more traffic and sales to ANY ecommerce business.

Includes commercial license so you can create videos for your clients and run them as Facebook ads, YouTube ads and any other social media platform!

10X your revenues by selling these videos to ecom site owners in addition to videos you create with AvatarBuilder.

Exclusive Bonus #2 –
Done-For-You AvatarBuilder Video Agency Website ($997)

Want to sell the videos you create with AvatarBuilder (or any other video app) for top dollar online?

Use our professionally designed “done-for-you” agency website to look like an authority to charge MORE for your services!

The site is ready with professional copywriting geared to convert your prospects into SALES!

Exclusive Bonus #3 –
21 Day AvatarBuilder Video Mentorship Training ($497)

Learn how to sell your videos top dollar and attract more big ticket clients to sell the videos you create with AvatarBuilder.

21 days of intense training training workshops will make you an expert. This is a MUST HAVE if you want to get real results from your AvatarBuilder videos or any other video app you own.

Exclusive Bonus #4-Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)

Create professional eye-catching logos and sell them to local businesses for $300 to $500 or integrate them with your AvatarBuilder videos in seconds.

The unique built-in “artificial intelligence” engine automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of your logo variations in minutes. Please select the one you like and download it!

It perfectly integrates with AvatarBuilder. Just import the logos created by the AI Logo Creator into AvatarBuilder and add them to your video templates. Save money and time; you never have to pay a designer to create logos ever again!

Exclusive Bonus #5 –Video Thumbnail Maker App ($67 Value)

Skyrocket your click-throughs and video views using this newbie friendly video thumbnail maker app!

Attract more customers to your videos and boost traffic, leads, and sales. Perfect for getting more results with the video you create with AvatarBuilder.

Exclusive Bonus #6 –AvatarBuilder Success Case Studies ($197 Value)

Copy your way to success without worrying about reinventing the wheel. Get instant access to case studies of other users who have been using AvatarBuilder to maximize revenues, leads, and sales.

Apply these strategies in your own business to get results fast!

Exclusive Bonus #7-
Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($197 Value)

Stop wasting time and money searching and paying hefty fees to find music tracks for your videos.

Use this royalty-free music library that’s integrated with AvatarBuilder to spice up any video and explode your results! 

Exclusive Bonus #8 –
Skype Mentorship Group Access ($997)

Join this private Skype mentorship group to Interact, learn, network, and thrive alongside hundreds of other like-minded online entrepreneurs who all share the same passion for building and growing successful businesses.

Weekly training, bonuses worth thousands, and free software giveaways are the perks you get when joining this private skype group!

Exclusive Bonus #9 –
HD Stock Video Bundle ($197 Value)

HD stock videos cost $150 to $300 each—craft studio-grade professional videos using this huge collection of HD stock videos and backgrounds.

You can even upload these videos into the AvatarBuilder app and use them in your videos!

Exclusive Bonus #10 –
Done-For-You Call-To-Action Human Voiceovers 
& Sales Scripts ($197 Value)

Stop paying hundreds of dollars to get professional voice overs recorded.

Use these 22 professional call-to-action voices in your videos inside AvatarBuilder to crush your competition and close more sales!

You don’t need to pay a copywriter to write video scripts for you. Customize the scripts and create highly engaging sales scripts for your videos to skyrocket your conversions and sales!

P. S. Bonus Delivery – Please email your order receipt to [email protected] with the title “BONUS REQUEST” along with the names of the bonuses to get access. Of course, you can request access for all ten bonuses.

Design Beast Review & Demo | Best Graphic Design App

Design Beast is an awesome Graphic Designer app from the most trusted software creator in the IM world, Paul Ponna. All his previous video software like VideoRobot, VideoPal, VideoBuilder, AvatarBuilder, and DoodleMaker are used by more than millions of people worldwide. This time, he has a unique and stacked Graphic Design creation feature with an industry-leading image creation feature in a package called DesignBeast.

P. S. Bonus Delivery – Please email your order receipt to [email protected] with the title “BONUS REQUEST” along with the names of the bonuses to get access. Of course, you can request access to all ten bonuses.

Watch Avatarbuilder Demo in Action and Win A Free Copy of Avatar Builder

AvatarBuilder is one of the most awaited software products of the year 2021. The product is set to launch on 6th January at 3 PM EST.

An hour before the launch on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 2 PM EST, Paul Ponna, the product owner of AvatarBuilder, is set to demonstrate the product in a webinar. It is a free webinar, and lucrative giveaways are announced for people signing up for this webinar.

  1. Software Giveaway | 20 Free Copies of AvatarBuilder

20 lucky winners will be picked at random on the live webinar to win a free copy of an AvatarBuilder. I remember they conducted a similar webinar for their previous million-dollar sales video software, DoodleMaker. John Milton, a good friend of mine, was lucky to win a free copy of DoodleMaker with all OTO (one-time offers). He was delighted and shared his happiness on social media. I wish my friends and readers again to be winners of the giveaway of free AvatarBuilder copy.

  1. Cash Giveaway | TEN $100 Cash Prizes | $1000

Ten webinar attendees will be picked at random to win $100 each.

  1. Secret Paul Ponna FB Group Invite | $3000 Giveaway

Get access to Paul Ponna’s secret FB group, where they will be giving away $3000 in additional prizes.

  1. Bonuses Worth Thousands

In addition to all the prizes, they will also be giving away bonuses worth thousands on the webinar to attendees only.

I urge all my friends and readers to sign up for this free webinar and win all giveaways. Click here to get your free copy of Avatar Builder.

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