Exposing Speechelo Pricing Funnel Trap – Critical Honest Review

I’ve written a critical honest review on Speechelo. If you are desperate to buy this product, please don’t read further, because you may change your mind when I enlighten you about their business process. If you wish to be an informed consumer, please be patient while I try to keep it SIMPLE.

Buzz is everywhere, ‘Speechelo’. It’s not pleasant at all times. Advertised as a one-time price software, it starts digging holes in your wallet with upgrades. One should have good knowledge on sales funnel to understand the business tricks of Speechelo. If you are not aware about sales funnel, here it is –

A sales funnel is a series of landing pages that are intentionally crafted to make sales or get leads. Each page in a sales funnel is meant to drive a visitor to the next page, with the end goal being conversion.

If you want to learn more about the sales funnel, please do Google.

The place where you land on their website is called the front-end(FE) offer. This front-end offer is a big trap, where the customers are lured with offers, bonuses, and promises for a little cost. It’s actually a bait. The promises are tricky like – ‘One-time payment’ and ‘no monthly fees. And, at some places like testimonial screenshots and at other sections, you could see ‘Lifetime deal‘ for a product that costs $47, $37, and $27. You may wonder three costs for a same product, it’s not unusual among businesses. During holiday seasons and festival offer time, they shoot up the product price to $47 and gives you a $20 coupon, ‘Founders Offer’ at most times. The final price comes to $27 and the sales rocket to the sky. I don’t complain about this practice. 

Getting back on track, you are convinced and buy the product for $X7 USD (a numerical replaced with X to make it relative with the time, it can be $27, $37, $47, or even more, it all depends upon the coupon weight). When you complete the purchase, you’ll land on a ‘PRO upgrade’ page, where you’ll be asked to spend more for premium voices. The shocker is that when you realize that your very recent purchase was for standard ordinary robot voices

You are in the second level of the funnel, where Speechelo makes a big buck out of your wallet. Your earlier purchase, which doesn’t have premium voices, was a lifetime deal. But, this Pro upgrade wasn’t the same. It’s a recurring payment, you can choose the frequency either monthly or quarterly. If you choose a quarterly payment, it’s going to be $47 USD, which makes $188 USD annually and $940 USD for 5 years. 

Now comes the big, biggest, and biggest shocker that Speechelo is truly NOT unlimited. They have hidden restrictions, which you don’t find on the sales page, but try their terms & conditions page for a surprise. It goes as follows – 

Characters Used – Fair Use Policy
Your STANDARD license can generate up to 500.000 characters per month. If you own the PRO version, the limit is 700.000 characters per month. This is a fair use and if you use more characters than these, then your account will be limited until days pass since you used all the characters.

– Excerpt from Speechelo’s terms and conditions web page.

After fed up with their recurring payment service, I searched for alternative service providers for weeks, who can be reliable and affordable. Finally, I found one and bought it last quarter, so far so good. But I want to test few aspects before recommending to my readers.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have any good alternative to Speechelo that really works, lemme know. ciao!

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